The City Cabanas Flyover - Land Aquisition Gone Slow

The Nairobi Bypass Project is a Ksh.41.3Billion road project which will see the construction of 3 roads around the city to aid in the easing traffic snarl-up within Nairobi and its environs.

These 3 roads include:

  1. Northern Bypass
  2. Southern Bypass
  3. Eastern Bypass

The entire length of the roads are 98kms of paved road. All the roads are single/double carriageway and are able to accommodate 2 HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles) on opposite directions. The Eastern Bypass cuts Mombasa Road to reach its terminal point just a few meters ahead. This is where the problem is. With over a year since the road project was completed, work on this specific fly-over ground to a halt with unconfirmed reports citing land acquisition problems.

The flyover mentioned above is supposed to ease the movement of traffic from the A109 (Mombasa Road) to the bypass. This flyover is standing but the ramps on either side are an eyesore, with boulders littered all over making it inaccessible even by motorcycles. In Kenya such a structure would be in the millions given that the highway itself is in the tune of KES 4.2 Billion. The project is under the responsibility of Kenya Urban Roads Authority.

The City Cabanas Fly-over

The City Cabanas Fly-over

This 39km highway was contracted to China Roads & Bridge Corp who by all standards have done a good job except at this crucial interchange. Due to this uncompleted section of the highway, way before the flyover on the bypass itself, there is a turnoff to the airport that has forever remained a nightmare. Even for the traffic-jam busters who have accolades, this point is always full of traffic, a situation catalyzed by the incomplete fly-over just ahead. Due to the high number of traffic at this point, a gentle breeze seldom engulfs the whole area into a cloud of dust like a desert storm.

Traders at this junction are caught in the middle of this mess. KURA should explain to the taxpayer what exactly is ailing this section of the highway. With grass and exotic bushes slowly growing around the fly-over surely this expensive piece of infrastructure cannot wither right before our eyes. Its not the best sight for tourists entering Nairobi right from the airport. Till the situation is solved, motorists are advised to slow down from the bypass as you approach the junction. Access to Mombasa Road is possible but be ready for a bumpy ride.

Location of the City Cabanas Fly-over from the Eastern Bypass

Location of the City Cabanas Fly-over from the Eastern Bypass

This fly-over recently featured and got a mention during the recently completed 2nd round Presidential Debate, where one of the candidates mentioned that the cost of acquiring the land to complete the project was more than the project itself, the reason for the delayed/halted construction.

Since this structure stands at the entrance of Nairobi from the airport, its a shame that a project of this magnitude can be left to stand incomplete.

Something needs to be done sooner rather than later, what do you think?