Property Websites In Kenya - Special Feature (Extended)

With over 30+ property websites in Kenya, this remains a testament of the booming market which have seen some listing up to thousands of properties on their portals.

The large number of property websites is a testament of the booming market.

The large number of property websites is a testament of the booming market.

The property market in Kenya is said to be at its highest ever and entrepreneurs are setting up housing projects around the country in order to reap big from the business. The banks have not been left behind with major banks providing mortgage and low interest loans. The government, through the National Housing Corporation has also joined the bandwagon to house the rising middle-class whose appetite for housing has outgrown supply.

In the online world a new business is also on the rise as a result of the booming property market in Kenya. With the large number of housing projects coming up, property websites listing the properties have shot up too. These websites have large listings and providing the end user with properties from across the county. The rise of such websites have seen some reap big with large budgets for advertising in mainstream media. Users can now get information on available housing units as well as make timely decisions before purchasing the properties.

MegaProjects Kenya will on Monday, 5th August 2013 publish a comprehensive article on property websites In Kenya. This publication will among others highlight the following topics:

  • Impact of property websites on the native property market.
  • Role of banks and financiers in the property website business.
  • General outlook on the business of online advertising.
  • How to start and manage a property website.
  • Authenticity of content and accuracy of properties in the websites.
  • User experience in property websites.

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