A Highway Safety Hero - John Michuki

Kenya's Environment Minister, John Michuki has passed on. The long serving minister died at The Aga-Khan Hospital from Multiple Organ Failure. He was 80 years old at the time of his death. The career Economist had served as a public servant for a long period of time.

Michuki has served Kenya in various capacities, including Permanent Secretary in the Finance Ministry, chairman of Kenya Commercial Bank, MP and a Cabinet Minister.He was currently serving his fourth term as MP for Kangema Constituency.Michuki gained the reputation of being a ruthless and efficient manager, who is widely acknowledged as being among the best performing ministers in President Kibaki's government.

The Late John Michuki

The Late John Michuki


Before being appointed to the office of the Ministry of Environment and Mining, Michuki had once served as the Minister for Transport where he made a mark. It is during his tenure in this office that he streamlined the transport industry and developed the so called 'Michuki Rules'

Michuki said that all commercial vehicles fit speed governors set at 80 kph. On city streets, 50kph. Seat belts were to be fitted for all seats in buses and matatus. Some matatus still have them but majority do not use them. The matatus were also to have the yellow line along the vehicle where the route would be clearly written.

Standing passengers in city buses were banned (Javelin). Meanwhile, the passenger capacity of matatus or minivans was reduced from 18 passengers to 14. In addition, touts and drivers had to have a Certificate of Good Conduct from the police before getting a matatu. Michuki made it mandatory for bus and matatu crews to be in uniform and to have their pictures on the vehicles they drive.

Even though these rules have been flouted here and there, we must admit that he put some sanity back to our roads. Thika Road is crying for such and more tougher rules maybe Michuki Rules v2. As we mourn the leader, lets embrace his safety rules and make our new highway a safer place.

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