Control Our February Post List

Ever since The Thika Road Blog started, we decided what was to be posted and when. This is the system used for most blogs you will come across where the blogger is the post driver.

Control Our February Post List

Control Our February Post List

Well, things are about to change here at and the readers will control what is to be posted in the whole of February 2012. Apart from emergency posts of sections being opened, each and every post will be a request by a reader.

So how is this going to work?

Simple, any reader will request in the comments section of this post any place on Thika Road and The Bypasses. The reader will also include which day they want the post to appear from 1st to 29th February 2012


John Doe

I would like to see the Ruiru Railway Bridge-LOT3 on 15th Feb

Once a day has been taken by a user, it remains as that and another user will have to select another day. To make this easier, we will regularly update what days are still available at the calendar below.

Fascinating terms and conditions.

  1. Due to security reasons, the Southern Bypass cannot be covered as for now till the contractors start working.
  2. Thika Road + Northern and Eastern Bypass only

February 2012 Calendar


1st-Muthaiga & Pangani

Section Jgichiri & Martinwalla

2nd-Roysambu area Muthoga Kioni

3rd-Northern By Pass

Junction 2 : Kamiti Road - Zimmerman FW

4th - Githurai Overpas & Service

Roads: Man Symo

5 (available)6 (available)7(available)8 (available)9 (available)10(available)11 (available)
12 (available)13 (available)14 (available)15 (available)16 (available)17 (available)18 (available)
19 (available)

20th-Juja near JKUAT

Ernest Ombayo

21 (available)22 (available)23 (available)24 (available)25 (available)
26 (available)27 (available)28 (available)

29th-Globe Cinema