We're Back

As you all know, thikaroadblog.net went down on 24th December 2011 due to the site exceeding the set bandwidth for that month. This was much unexpected given the large numbers of readers that we serve. In response to this we tried all we could but the site could not go live till yesterday at 9pm. For the 2nd time now this has happened with this time round being the worst hit, 9days downtime.

Bandwidth Exceeded

Bandwidth Exceeded

On behalf of the entire Thika Road Blog team, we know that seeing the "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" notice was as boring as watching grass grow, but that's what you get if you manage a popular site. Our apologies for that, and we are working on improving the website's efficiency and bandwidth without compromising the content. If you have ideas/advice on how to make the site more efficient, please share them in the comments section, thanks.

On that note I thought it would be a good idea I explain what this bandwidth thing is all about to those who are somewhat in the dark. Its kind of rocket science so am going to be as clear as possible.

Bandwidth is simply the amount of data that every Website uses upon request by the user. Depending on the size of the site, each time the page loads, a specific amount of data is used up on the server. For sites like this, the data request may be in the range of 100 to 200kb but for massive sites like YouTube.com, this may scale to 100Mb due to content viewed. Now when you register your own website, and get it hosed successfully, the host will replenish the bandwidth every month depending on the plan you payed for. If you use up all the given bandwith per month well before the month comes to a close, this is what you get Normal posting will resume today at midday, part two of Thika Road Toll Plaza and Weigh Bridge