BIG Truck Diaries SE1E03

In Big Truck Diaries, we believe that behind every engineering project, is the machine.

In this episode of Big Truck Diaries, we are going to look at two important machines:

  1. The Paver
  2. The Roller

The Paver



Basic Paving Width2.5m
Maximum Paving Width12m
Maximum Paving Thickness200mm
Paving Speed0~16m/min
Traveling Speed0~4km/h
Theoretical Productivity800t/h
Total Weight28Tonnes
HeatingBurning with Dimethylmethane
Engine TypeBF6M1013C
ManufacturerZoomlion DTU90

A paver or paving machine, is an engineering vehicle used to lay asphalt on roads. It is normally fed by a dump truck (tipper). A separate machine, a roller, is then used to press the hot asphalt mix, resulting a smooth, even surface. The sub-base being prepared by use of a grader to trim crushed stone to profile after rolling.

The beginning of the process is to make sure that the paver is fully loaded with asphalt material. A dump truck will come up to the hopper in the back of the road paver and fill it with the asphalt material that will be spread onto the road's surface. After the road paver is loaded, the material is moved automatically from the hopper and through what's called the auger channel. A massive auger (a large, turning screw) churns the material, which is being heated as it goes through the channel. The auger also serves the function of spreading the material (often referred to as scree once it's been heated up to temperatures of 300 degrees or more) out into a relatively even dispersion across the hopper in the front of the road paver. Once this part of the process is complete, the material is ready to be laid.

The last step in the process of a road paver's job is to actually lay down the heated scree. While the auger continues to disperse, the already-spread material is being laid down in a wide line by the front hopper. As the lane of scree is laid down, the bulk of the road paver will drive over it, flattening out the lane even further. A road paver moves extremely slowly, which means that the road can be carefully laid down and flattened. It also means that a separate road crew can follow along behind on foot to fix any mistakes, although they do have to wait until the asphalt is significantly cooler than it is when it first leaves the road paver's front hopper.

The Asphalt Roller



Maximum Operating Mass12.7Tonnes
Operating Mass (incl.ROPS)11.3Tonnes
Module Mass (front/rear)5.6T/5.6T
Drum Width1,950mm
Vibration Frequency51/67 Hz
Centrifugal Force154/101
Static Linear Load front/rear)29.0/29.0kg/cm
Engine Power113kW (152Hp) @ 2,200rpm
Engine TypeWater Cooled, Turbo Diesel
ManufacturerQummins QSB 4.5 T3

An asphalt roller or simply a roller is a heavy highway maintenance machine comprising of two drums of rolling masses. Its used to compact asphalt soon after the pave has done its work. The vibration enhancement, increases impact weight on the ground for a better finish.With a fuel tank capacity of 240Litres (Diesel) all rollers come with a Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS).ROPS are life-saving devices that can prevent drivers from being crushed when a roller rolls over. ROPS are mandatory on all heavy machines.

As the name implies it is a heavy equipment road construction machine that consists of steel full width wheels and it is intended to be a compactor of asphalt. The engineers will have decided before the job begins which type of compactor is the right mechanical tool for the job. That decision is based on several factors which include environmental conditions, mix property factors, and construction factors.

The steel wheel roller asphalt compactor can have a single drum wheel or multiple steel drummed wheels. The tandem steel wheel roller with it's two drums is the most common. These drums can be vibratory or they can be static.The roller follows the paver during the laying and compacting of the pavement. These two machines are used in tandem for a perfect finish. The roller operator is normally the person who determines the smoothness of the work and is also the first to experience the new road.

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