How to Use a Superhighway (Book Review)

The Motorists Association of Kenya, released this book a few weeks ago but it wasn't available until last week. After little searching I managed to get my copy yesterday. In fact was on my way to Thika so what better opportunity to read it than in the matatu?

I must applaud MAK for such an initiative to guide our very exited motorists on how to use this new expressway.The stunts we see on this motorway have to stop, like you cannot reverse in 4-lane expressway. Kudos.


TitleHow to use a Superhighway
Author(Unknown) Expert in Civil & Mech
Engineering PublisherMotorists Association of Kenya
CostKsh 150
Target ReadersDrivers, Peds (Simple Language)

My Rating

Design/LayoutNeeds Improvement
Paper QualityBest
Worth it?Yes

Cover Design

The cover design is very attractive given the illustration of a huge interchange. The placement of images randomly on the cover though messes-up all the glory. Would look nice if the small images are not there. Cover is soft and smooth that means you can fold it at any angle to fit in the pocket(for ref.) Waterproof paper quality. The back cover is equally good though the font used suggests a children's book. Times New Roman would have done some justice. Why is the name of the author concealed? A Gratitude statement at the bottom to the Ministry of Roads to me was...


The book covers the following topics:

  • Driving on Super Express Lanes
  • Interchanging Junctions
  • Lane Choice
  • Unique Situations of Express Lanes
  • Safety Belts Save Lives
  • What are good and bad driving habits
  • Attend to Emergencies Correctly

The above topics have been explained and brought out in clear grammar with pictures alongside. I was much attracted to the one on Hydroplaning and Velocitation. The author has explained the topics for the reader to understand regardless of class in society and education level. The book points out on how to enter and exit expressways without causing a snarl-up and emphasizes on following traffic signs. As a matter of fact the author has also included some drawings on how to maneuver. An article on brake failure and how to attend to emergencies could be a worth read for drivers. The book has not omitted the age old laws of the road: Don't Drink and Drive, Wear your seat belt snugly.


In the next publication or edition I would prefer if:

  • Drawing from the contractors were included
  • Highway Tolls was given some weight in terms of explanation
  • Buy licensed images instead of using overstretched and watermarked images
  • More statistics
  • Professional placing of images