Rail laying team of workers adjust the laid steel at Section 7 site in Emali.

We Are Now On Tumblr

You might be wondering why we chose Tumblr as our home for photography and not Flickr as some might suggest. First we wanted an easy platform that has a seamless adaptation to photography and blogging. Flicker is good but its does not suit our needs. Our new account: will be featuring images that have a relation to the railway ...

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The Facebook page. Look at the numbers, which clearly tell the poor state of the page. A new one is coming though...

What is Wrong With The Facebook Page?

After receiving numerous DMs (Direct Messages) and emails from users who expressed their dislike for the way we manage our Facebook page, we have decided that its time we pull the plug on it. But before we commence on that we need another one that will run parrarel to it for 6 months so that followers can like the new ...

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The first Instagram Image

We Are Now On Instagram

Instagram is a social media site that has a great focus on photography and making images look more beautiful. A simple image is turned into a stunning work of art just by applying creative shades. In relation to this we have a new Instagram page where we will be posting on the spot updates of the SGR Project. Instagram ...

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The Ondiri swamp. Logs are used to facilitate the safe crossing across the peat.

The Southern Bypass has crossed many topographical regions on its path around the city. The 17.1 billion project begins from Mombasa Road to Kikuyu. One of the fascination structures is the 121m box culvert that will allow the smooth flow of water from the Ondiri Swamp a few metres across that is the only quaking bog and the second deepest ...

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Some of the engineers on site

Barely a month after the nurses went on strike and the teachers followed suit, another form of strike came to life and this time round it bore good news in the form of an oil strike. Tullow oil, the British multinational firm, has since made big developments on the oil exploration process. Drilling that begun in May this year bore ...

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Most properties had a fully furnished show houses

KCB Property Bus Tour 2013 Highlights

On 8th June 2013, KCB Savings and Loans held its annual Property Bus Tour. The tour spanned across Nairobi and its environs whereby it was split into 5 routes for buyers to choose from. [article zqdro54hg3bejaqggfw45o7w7] The event started at KICC Comesa Grounds and despite a small hitch in the bus order, the last team had departed by 9:45 am. ...

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BAKE Bloggers Awards 2013

Once again MegaProjects Kenya has been nominated in the annual BAKE Bloggers Awards 2013. This time round we have been nominated in the Best Kenyan Blog Category. The BAKE Blog Awards were held on the 5th of May 2012 and represented our effort to reward bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content, are creative and ...

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Below the Chiromo Fly-over

Thika Road Media Tour

The just completed Nairobi - Thika Highway is expected to be formerly opened by H.E Kibaki this Friday. Yesterday the Kenya National Highways Authority organised a media tour of the highway in a bid to highlight the gains made so far since the highway started 4 years ago. [article kv4uveero3qmqvdysy5vdotz74] The authority took this opportunity to show how vandalism has ...

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